The Syltdome!

The 360-degree cinema in the adventure centre

Porpoises chase over the heads of the cinema-goers. A sheep chews grass with relish and never takes its eyes off the guests. Wow moments when the audience members feel like they are flying over the Morsum Kliff. Scenes like these make a visit to the Syltdome, the 360-degree cinema, an experience. Surrounded by Sylt's unique nature, guests are made aware of special features and animals and plants worth protecting. Without pointing fingers. We are convinced that only those who know nature and appreciate its beauty and uniqueness will protect it.

Be inspired by fascinating nature images of our island and enjoy the planetarium atmosphere in our 360-degree cinema - the Syltdome! Get to know your favourite island from new perspectives. Dive with porpoises in the North Sea and observe life underwater at an offshore wind turbine. Let kite surfers jump over you and enjoy flying over the Sylt dune landscape. Exclusively on view at the adventure centre: »360-degree Sylt - an island in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site«.


Exhibition visit
and 360-degree film experience

(Film duration: just under 15 minutes)

You get an insight into our Syltdome during your visit to the exhibition. Wow effects for just under a quarter of an hour. Can only be combined with a visit to the exhibition.

Admission Dome: Adults: € 4.50; Children (4-15 years): € 3.50; Families: € 13.00

Admission to exhibition (with guest card): Adults: €19.00; children (4-15 years): €11.00; families: €54.00

The whole Syltdome film: »360-degree Sylt –
an island in the Wadden Sea World Heritage«

(Film duration: just under 45 minutes)

Leave your everyday life behind, lean back comfortably in the armchairs and enjoy unique shots of Sylt's nature. Admission: €12.50 per person (recommended age: 6 years and older).


Der Syltdome-Film für Kinder:
»Schatzsuche im Nationalpark Wattenmeer«

(Film duration: almost 15 minutes)

Dive into the world of Anton the oystercatcher and his friends.

(Recommended age: from 0 years).

Admission Dome: Adults: €4.50; Children (4-15 years): €3.50; Families: €13.00

Admission to the exhibition (with guest card): Adults: €19.00; Children (4-15 years): €11.00; Families: €54.00

Space Tour


(Film duration: almost 60 minutes)

Pop & Rock and a journey to the stars

We take you on a journey into the depths of the universe and visit the most beautiful places in the universe. To the latest hits and classics from pop and rock, we fly through endless seas of stars, colorful cosmic nebulae and to foreign planets. It continues with wild flights through wormholes and supernova explosions. And in between there is always time to just enjoy the stars.

Fly relaxed to the most beautiful places in the universe

Our journey begins on Earth, taking us through the solar system and revealing breathtaking images of the moons, planets and the sun. Then we are drawn further out into our galaxy. and to distant objects such as cosmic nebulae and black holes. The journey goes even further into the space between the stars and to foreign galaxies with unknown planets.
The journey ends at the edge of our imagination. If we take a look at what the Big Bang might have looked like and how our universe came into being.

entertainment and education

Space Tour is our first music program that is a mixture of music show and educational program. As you soar through timeless hits like Rihanna's "Diamonds in the Sky" or Coldplay's "A Sky Full of Stars", you'll learn interesting facts about our universe along the way.

With music by Ed Sheeran, Adele, Rihanna, Coldplay, One Republic, Depeche Mode, and many more.

Attention: this show is only available in German

Queen Heaven -
The Original


An audiovisual feast for the British band of the century

(Film duration: almost 80 minutes)

The show must go on! Syldome takes the motto of this song as an opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of the »kings of rock«! The incredible aura of the band, the creativity of their lyrics, the tremendous power of their concerts - all of this is reflected in this one
furious music show again. On the huge dome surface you will experience a homage to the former exceptional artists with many original music, photo and video recordings. You can hear the biggest hits and anthems of their band history such as "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Will Rock You", "Radio Gaga", "Who Wants To Live Forever" or "We Are The Champions".

Experience Queen with the help of our Digistar full dome projection and immerse yourself in the fascination of Queen Heaven - The Original.

In order to provide even more variety, complex new scenes were also produced, for which we also took up suggestions from visitors. A visit is also worthwhile for connoisseurs of the show!